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12th of March

8.00 – 15.00

13th Edition « Liège the place to build” au Golf de Cannes-Mougins by GRE Liège

Location: Booth of Awex

Access only for sponsors and their guests by prior registration.
For more information: nicole.tassiaux@greliege.be

1175 Avenue du Golf
06250 Mougins

16.15 – 16.30

Pitch of BVI.EU

“Quantum Biospace : Bringing Biotech and Deep Tech together”

Location: Booth of Awex


  •  Geoffroy Dumonceau – Chief Development Officer BVI.EU

19.00 – 21.00
Belgian Pavilion – Espace Debussy


Open to everyone

(Mipim accreditation mandatory to access the Belgian pavilion)

16.00 – 16.15

"Adaptive reuse of the Old Grand Bazar"

Location: Booth of Awex


  •  Frédéric Haesevoets, Architect at AAFH!
  • Claudine Houbart, historian professor at the University of Liège
  • Laura Crapanzano, Alderman city of Seraing

17.00 – 19.00
Belgian Pavilion – Espace Debussy


Only for the Belgian Partners with wristbands

Place: Palais des Festivals – Belgian Pavilion – Espace Debussy


13th of March

9.45 – 10.40
Conference of CITY OF MONS

"Mons 2035- Ambitious projects for a dynamic City"

Location: Booth of Awex


  • Mr Pourtois – Urban Planning Councillor

10.30 – 11.00
Belgian Pavilion – Espace Debussy – Stand Brussels-Capital Region

Royale Belge, the reborn of an iconic building Nominated Mipim Awards 2024

Wrapped by a lush beech forest of 11 hectares and surrounded by water ponds, Royale Belge sits on boulevard du Souverain like a contemporary castle. Owed to architects René Stapels and Pierre Dufau, this building is a bold and daring example of the 60’s luxurious corporate architecture. Its unique setting, transparent glass base, cross-shaped tower, Corten structure and bronze-colored glass façades have made Royale Belge a true landmark in Brussels’ architectural landscape and contributed in landing the site on the Safeguarding List in 2019. 

Initially designed as Royale Belge’s insurance company headquarters, the 40 000 m2 building is up for a new challenge today: to meet contemporary requirements without losing its heritage value. Following a design competition won by Caruso St John Architects and Bovenbouw Architectuur’s joint efforts, Brussels’ Capital Region granted the owners (Souverain 25 consortium) a permit to renovate the building all while preserving its essence and identity.

Offering a restaurant, a coworking space, a hotel, an auditorium, a health center and offices, the mixed programme supports the building’s reintegration into Brussels’ urban life and fabric. In order to facilitate access and usability, a new vertical hall is created at the junction of the shared spaces from the ground floor to level 2. Mirroring the auditorium in shape and proportion, this new circulation nucleus brings light into a dark part of the building and binds together the glass base (0 and +1) with the cross-shaped tower (+2 to +10). An opportunity to breathe life back into the site, the project rehabilitates the building and improves its energy performance through specific and thoughtful interventions.

Imagined and designed by Caruso St John Architects, Bovenbouw Architectuur an DDS+, the new Royale Belge is being delivered in 2023.
Speakers: Didier Peremans
Architect – Managing Partner

Organised by: DDS+ Architect

11.45 – 12:40
Conference of IGRETEC

“Charleroi Metropole : The circular economy and energy efficiency at the service of our region's development”

Location: Booth of Awex


  • Stéphane Sozii – Head of the Mayor’s Office
  • Xavier Berto – Project Management and Design Office Director
  • Loïc D’Haeyer – Mayor of the town of Fleurus and Chairman of CENEO
  • Stéphanie Ameels – Development Officer
  • Nathalie Czerniatynski – Director of Economic, Strategic and Territorial Development

14.30 – 15.00
Belgian Pavilion – Espace Debussy – Stand Brussels-Capital Region 

Info session federal médiation : Mediation, the efficient and durable way to solve construction disputes

Mediation is an efficient, voluntary and confidential process that promotes communication between the parties in dispute and helps control costs. Any party involved can end the mediation at any given time. The conflict is resolved faster than in court cases, reducing the impact on the construction site and allowing the parties involved to move on with their construction project. The neutral and impartial mediator enables the parties to negotiate themselves a win-win solution thus restoring the relationship between them. Very often, mediation leads to an agreement between the parties involved. 
Speakers : Keynote speakers Marco Schoups and Thomas Braun, members of the Belgian Federal Mediation Commission 
Organized by:  hub.brussels 

16.00 – 16.55
Conference of GRE LIEGE & SPI

"Circular Liege – New way of building"

Location: Booth of Awex


  • Jean-Christophe Peterkenne – General Manager of GRE

  • Professor Jijakli from the Faculty of Agronomy at ULiege 

  • Panel 1:
    • David Eloy Chairman of the CCI
    • Fabienne Loiseau Director of Implantations and Spi Services
    • Thomas Chevau from Noshaq
  • Panel 2:
    • Gregory Neys from Karno
    • Gil Simon from Resa
    • Isabelle Vanderkeulen from Ethias

17.30 – 17.45

"Herstal, the metamorphosis continues"

Location: Booth of Awex


  • Bojana VISIC – Alderman for Town Planning and Sustainable Development
  • Arnaud THONARD – CEO of RCA Urbeo
  • Grégory RADISSON – Herstal Green Energy – Coriance Group

10.00 – 10.30
Belgian Pavilion – Espace Debussy – Stand Brussels-Capital Region

Monteco - The ultimate reference for a new generation of SUSTAINABLE office buildings Nominated Mipim Awards 2024

MONTECO: A new-generation sustainable timber-framed office building, unique in Brussels!

The joint venture NEXTENSA – ION has developed a flagship project in the sustainable construction sector in the European Quarter: the first timber-framed high-rise building in Brussels.

MONTECO – a contraction of  » Montoyer  » and  » Ecological  » – is the benchmark for a new generation of sustainable office buildings.

MONTECO is a statement: sustainability, technology and ecology can go hand in hand with timeless modern architecture. 

Speakers : Jérôme Verdussen – Head of Operations and Development / Philippe Verdussen – CEO

10.45 – 11.40
Conference of AAFH ! ARCHITECTE 

"Past simple / Compound future - with/against/on the existing"

Location: Booth of Awex


  • Frédéric Haesevoets – Architect at AAFH!
  • Claudine Houbart – Historian professor at the University of Liège
  • Laura Crapanzano – Alderman city of Seraing
  • Architecture student at the University of Liège


  • Philippe Coulée – Journalist

11.00 – 12.00
Verrière Californie 

50 ans CityDev - La ville productive et inclusive - Du concept à la réalité »

NovaCity I & CityCampus 
Speakers : Benjamin Cadranel et en invitésMark Brearley, Professeur à la London Metropolitan University et Hélène Peskine, Secrétaire permanente du PUCA
nous tenterons de comprendre comment ces projets immobiliers alliant activités productives et logements favorisent le vivre ensemble et le dynamisme d’une ville grâce à un modèle de construction disruptif. 
En présence du Ministre-Président du Gouvernement de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale en charge du développement territorial et de la Rénovation urbaine. 
Organized by :  CityDev 

16.00 – 17.00 
Belgian Pavilion – Espace Debussy – Stand Brussels-Capital Region 

Business Review citydev.brussels – sau-msi.brussels – slrb-bghm.brussels

The Urban Development Corporation (SAU-MSI), the Brussels-Capital Region Housing Company (SLRB-BGHM) and the Brussels Regional Development Agency (citydev.brussels) present their Business Review: “Public ambitions, private opportunities: upcoming professional opportunities in Brussels urban development projects”. of the Brussels-Capital Taïssa Bielyszew, Development DirectorRegion Housing Company (SLRB-BGHM), Gilles Delforge, Director of the Urban Development Corporation (SAU-MSI), and Benjamin Cadranel, CEO of citydev.brussels, will be discussing the upcoming contracts to be tendered out by these three public institutions engaged in the urban development of the Brussels-Capital Region. This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs, architects, promoters, urban planners, design offices, investors, etc. to learn about all the opportunities available.   
Speakers : 
Benjamin Cadranel, CEO citydev.brussels 
Gilles Delforge, CEO sau-msi.brussels 
Yves Lemmens, CEO slrb-bghm.brussels   
Organized by: citydev.brussels – sau-msi.brussels – slrb-bghm.brussels 

17.15 – 17.30

"Seraing, what’s next ? "

Location: Booth of Awex


  • Laura Crapanzano, Alderman for Territorial Development 
  • Private/public partners (GehlenImmo, Thomas&Piron, SPI)


14th of March

09:30 – 11:00 
Palais des Festivals – Auditorium K 

Brussels Tomorrow- A future for all

Brussels Tomorrow, 
A future for all 
You are warmly invited to an inspiring conference on the future of Brussels.  
Join us as we explore concrete actions taken in crucial areas such as social and economic inclusion, urban renewal, energy transition, environmental protection, and sustainable mobility. Our vision is clear: a sustainable, inclusive, and resilient region. Together, we will discuss the necessary commitments from each of us to shape a greener, fairer, and more prosperous city for all.  
We need you to make our vision a reality. Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to a better future for Brussels. 
To ensure active participation during the conference, we encourage you to send us your question(s) in advance by clicking on this link 
Questions will be randomly selected based on the allotted time. 
Introduction by the Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region 
Introduction Keynote speaker : Bety Waknine – CEO – urban.brussels 
Keynote speaker : Caruso St John Architects  - Royale Belge (TBC) 
Round table :  
Moderator : Lilia Poptcheva – DDS+  
Participants :  
Yves Lemmens – CEO – slrb-bghm.brussels 
Alexandre De Cesco – Président – EMBUILD   
Isabelle Grippa – CEO – hub.brussels  
Stéphan Sonneville – Président- UPSI  
Benjamin Cadranel – CEO – citydev.brussels