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Welcome to the Belgian Pavilion 2024

Be part of the Belgian Pavilion

Be part of the Belgian Real Estate Community gathered on the Belgian Pavilion, a collaboration of Brussels & Wallonia Regions, with the support of real estate professionals from Brussels, Flanders & Wallonia. Discover the objectives of our unified presence as well as the many activities and events which will take place at the Palais des Festivals.

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Why attend the Belgian pavilion at MIPIM?

Once you climb the stairs and enter the Belgian Pavilion, you will discover what Belgium has to offer in terms of real estate business.

We wanted to concentrate the major Belgian events and cocktails on one location, increasing visibility and cross pollination. That’s why we offer a dedicated conference room within the Belgian Pavilion.

MIPIM is also a place where people can meet and relax. It is often the case that meetings are more constructive when they are conducted far away from stressy boardrooms. This is why we have put a special emphasis on creating relaxation spaces within the Belgian Pavilion.

Networking is also working. This has never been more true than in Cannes. This is the place where stadiums found investors, where towers obtain political support, where new alliances are forged and where business is done.

Where can find us?

It has never been easier to find us. Simply take the large stairs to the right of the main entrance (between the tourist office and the casino) and you will enter the Palais des Festivals through the Belgian Pavilion.

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