Smart densification in the Brussels-Capital Region

Auditorium A – Palais des Festivals – 3rd floor
Thursday 17/3 – 9h30-11h30

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Reconciling a reasoned approach to smart densification and quality of life means taking into account the requirements related to architecture, quality of the buildings, green and open spaces, access to services, mobility, air quality, etc. It’s an opportunity to shape a new identity for Brussels!
The Brussels-Capital Region has a number of tools at its disposal to achieve this ambition. The presentation on 17 March will focus on three of them:

  • The reform of the zoning plans (PRAS) and the urban planning regulation (RRU),
  • Urban revitalisation tools,
  • The creation of public housing.

The Minister-President, the Secretary of State for Urban Planning and Heritage and the Secretary of State for Housing will present all of this on Thursday 17 March 2022 in Audi A of the Palais des Festivals.


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